What are Employers Looking for in Fresh Graduates in Nangarhar Province?


  • Hashmatullah Rahmati Lecturer at Administration and Diplomacy Department, Faculty of LLB, Alfalah University, Jalalabad, Afghanistan.


Skills, Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Employers


Afghanistan is a labour-abandoned country in which educated ones always tolerate unemployment; Nangarhar is a province where the workforce is more, whereas working opportunities are much more limited, so for a fresher to get their favourite job needs to strengthen their soft skills along with hard skills. If a fresher wants to get employers to hire them, they have to enhance their soft skills because soft skills are the basis for utilizing hard skills. Computer skills, English proficiency, Communication, and teamwork skills are highly emphasized by employers in Nangarhar province. This study aims to let fresh graduates know how to get their favourite jobs, what skills are important for them to enhance, and to get university students to focus on their soft skills along with their hard skills. This research is important for university students, graduates, academic centres and all organizations. This research guides graduate to enhance their important soft skills, which will help them in their favourite jobs. This research will get universities to focus on the soft skills of their students, which will give their graduates good job opportunities in the market. This study is conducted in the field. First, we targeted national and international organizations that employ more people; later on, I developed a questionnaire, collected data, and analyzed the data. As a consequence, employers in Nangarhar province emphasize communication skills, interview skills, English proficiency, and computer skills.


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