Health Problems Faced by Elderly and Services Offered by Old Age Home/Aafiat, Lahore, Social Welfare Department, Punjab


  • Nazia Salah ud Din Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Tahira Jabeen Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Afzaal Afzal Community Development Officer, Housing Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department, Punjab, Pakistan.



Elderly, Old Age Home, Physical and Mental Health, Problems, Services


The demand for increased physical as well as psychological healthcare facilities is driving up concerns about an ageing population, especially in resource-constrained countries. Older adults in Pakistan experience insecurity due to a number of social and economic causes. In such situations, when conventional family care is unavailable or the elderly lack resources like housing, old age homes offer services to the elderly. The present quantitative study aimed to ascertain the demographic profile of the elderly population residing in an old age home or Aafiat, investigate the factors that contribute to their residence in an old age home, examine the physical and mental health challenges experienced by those receiving residential care, and find out the elderly population's satisfaction level with the services provided by the old age home. However, this article merely addressed the issues with older people's physical and mental health and how satisfied they were with the services and facilities the old age home offered. It was a cross-sectional study, and in order to gather data, interviews were conducted with each of the 25 inmates who were present at the Lahore old age home/Aafiat. According to the findings, the majority of respondents expressed high satisfaction with the level of services received; however, the data revealed that the elderly in the old age home experienced several challenges linked to their physical and mental health.


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